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***Current OPEN SPOTS FOR 2024-25 
4/5 class: FULL -- may be adding 1 Full Day spot- call or message via our form for details
3's preschool program: Full --- Have opened up 5 new spots
2.5 emergent Preschool: 2 spots available

Perry Highway Lutheran Pre-Kindergarten (PHL Pre-K) was established in 1968 as an outreach program to address the needs of families with preschool children. It is governed by a Preschool Board and the School Administrative Director, and typically runs a September - May regular school year. We currently offer classes for the following ages:
  • 2 1/2 year old preschool program
  • 3 year old preschool program
  • 4/5 year Pre-Kindergarten program
We are proud of the school program developed here at Perry Highway Lutheran Pre-K over the years. We also continue to evaluate new programs, educational tools and technologies, and ideas to incorporate into the school program itself, striving to remain up-to-date and focused on providing a quality and competitive learning environment. Through dedication to the most current learning strategies, as well as an emphasis on a variety of learning styles within each classroom, we promise to encourage each child to develop positive attitudes towards themselves and others, while helping them to feel secure in this first transition into a formal learning setting. Along with the previous mentioned strategies, PHLP uses an emergent learning philosophy as well. An emergent teaching philosophy is defined as implementing teacher planned activities and projects based on the group of individuals they are teaching. The teachers take into account the specific group skills, needs, and interests when planning educational content. Emergent teaching philosophy blends well with a child-centered approach as it takes each individual's learning needs and interests into account while allowing the student to take ownership of their learning experience and promotes a healthy self-concept while motivating them to continuously engage in the learning process.
We take our responsibility as educators very seriously, and we invite you to review our school programs. If you are interested, we encourage you to make an appointment for a visit, or feel free to contact us any time with further questions. We look forward to speaking with you!


***PHLP is an allergy safe environment

(*Be sure to scroll down and check out our Ambassadors video section and meet some of our past and current parents!)

2 1/2 year Preschool Program

2 1/2 year Preschool Program

Centered around Emergent Learning, our 2 ½ year old beginners program is available to children who have reached the age of 2 ½ by September. Children in this program do not need to be fully potty trained, but must be MOSTLY trained.... class runs T/Th mornings currently

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3 year Preschool Program

3 year Preschool Program

This programs focus, tailored to the early learner, is to have their first full classroom experience while mastering beginning-stage learning concepts, and to continue to encourage social and emotional growth and to set the foundations for a lifetime love of learning. **MUST BE 3YRS OLD BY SEPTEMBER 1 ... class runs M/W/F mornings currently

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4/5 PreK Program

4/5 PreK Program

Our Pre-K program is designed as an interactive learning community, where children build skills vital to success in kindergarten, continue focus on all subject areas of schooling, and develop a strong sense of confidence. The Pre-K program also provides a focus on problem solving, responsive listening, using language to learn, and social, collaborative, and specific directional skills.**MUST BE 4YRS BY SEPTEMBER 1 -- Class runs M-TH currently

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Enrichment extension classes

Enrichment extension classes

Extension class hours are available for some afternoons, beginning with our 3 yr program. Enrichment provides not only further practice, but more interactive based learning in the sciences and arts, as well as interactive play.

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Our PHLP School Staff....

Perry Highway Lutheran Pre-K is proud of our highly qualified and educated school staff. The success of our program is a direct result of our teaching and administrative staff along with their knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, and high level of commitment to every individual learner.

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Alyssa Drespling

School Administrative Director

Mrs. Drespling came to us in February 2020 with over 15 years of Early Childhood teaching and administration experience. She maintains her current PA state teaching certification, as well as has completed her State Director Certification, and has earned both her Bachelors in Elementary education and her Masters in Curriculum & Instruction with a Reading Specialist emphasis.

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Theresa Wilkinson

Head Teacher PHLP; Lead Teacher in both the 3's (classroom B) Preschool and 2.5 Emergent Preschool classrooms

Theresa Wilkinson is one of our Lead Teachers for the 3 year-old and 2.5 year preschool programs, as well as PHLP's Head Teacher. She has been with PHL Pre-K since 2016, and she loves being part of helping children grow stronger in every way.

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Maria Cashdollar

Assitant 3's Teacher (3B) / Spanish Teacher

Maria Cashdollar is the 3-year-old preschool Assistant Teacher and shares the classroom currently with Ms. Theresa. She is also our Spanish specials class teacher.

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Kristin Kucel

Assistant 3's Preschool Teacher (3A) / Sub / Music Specials Teacher

Ms. Kristin is one of our newest staff members, and we welcomed her in the January 2023 semester! Kristin has recently moved to the area after deployment overseas previously with her husband, and is excited to make this area their permanent home. Make sure you take a minute to greet her and welcome her to the PHLP family.

Mary Nolan-Thornton

Lead 3's Preschool Teacher (Class A) / 3's Enrichment Teacher

Ms. Mary came to us new for the 2022-23 school year, but not new to the teaching field. Ms. Mary, who recently moved to the area from New Jersey, comes with over 20 years in the Education and Behavioral Therapy fields, working with both Preschool age and Elementary school aged children... as well as in the special needs field.

Patricia Bruce

Lead Teacher 4/5 Pre-K Class / Friday 4/5's Enrichment Teacher

Patty Bruce is the Lead Teacher for the 4/5-year-old Pre-Kindergarten program. She joined PHL Pre-K in 2020, but overall this is her 9th year teaching early childhood education and her 21st year as an educator.

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Lisa Maines

4/5 PreK Assistant Teacher / PE Specials Teacher

Ms. Lisa was new to our PHLP family for the 2023-24 school year. She comes to us with a degree and background in Physical Education in the PreK-6th grade Elementary field. She is newer to our area and took some time to be at home with her young children to help with transitioning to a new area. She is excited to get back into education, as teaching is her passion, and she is super excited to do it in the early childhood field, with PHL PreK! Welcome Ms. Lisa!

Heidi Hartle

2.5 Emergent Preschool Assistant Teacher/Full Time Substitute

Ms. Heidi joined us new for the 2023-24 school year as a full-time sub, and she has been a blessing to both our students and staff and has a love and heart for early education! She also now joins the 2.5 Emergent Preschool classroom new for the 2024-25 school year.

Ted Griffin

Chaple Service Head / Substitute

Mr. Ted Griffin, who is the children's and Youth (Family) Pastor at Perry Highway Lutheran Church, helps to head up and conduct the students chapel services, as well as act a substitute for the PreK. The students and staff here at PHL PreK LOVE MR. TED! Ted also has a background in Education (K-6) and has worked with students of all ages throughout his career.

Sarah Keisel


Ms. Sarah was new to PHLP for the 2022-23 school year, and comes to us with a background in Mobile and mental health therapy within the private and local school sectors, and is currently earning her Masters degree in Early Childhood Education.

Provided here is the link to enroll your child through our Jackrabbit system. Follow the link to create your personal parent portal and enroll your child today! **PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER BEFORE TALKING WITH THE SCHOOL.
***CALL FOR PRICING or further info!!

REGISTRATION LINK: Follow the link - 2 step process

***ALL ENROLLMENT FEES MUST BE PAID IMMEDIATELY AFTER ENROLLING TO SOLIDIFY A SPOT - you MUST go back in and create your parent portal to pay after completing step one (paperwork and contract). **Step one only gets you registered and into the system and saves your info. Step 2 is Portal creating and payment opportunity.

Please follow the links (a video is provided if you need further assistance) and be sure to register for the correct session/school year. Your school contract will be signed online after you have read through and approved all prompts. You must approve all prompts and sign the contract before being able to register. READ THROUGH CAREFULLY. The only paper you will need to provide for us before the school year will be an updated physical and shot record from your physician, or you can have it emailed to us as well. Once registered at PHLP you will be directed to a parent portal. This portal, which you will set up with your own username and password, will be for your eyes only, and is where you can pay to complete your registration. Be sure to always update any personal information that may change throughout the year, this is vital for our records. Please also save your link to the parent portal in your favorites, as it is specific to our school and not available through a search online.

****PHLP gives the ability to choose online payment through credit card (small fee) or directly through your bank (free when you set up direct pay/ACH). There is a small convenience fee along with credit card usage, which equals $0.35 per transaction and a small 2+% of your total being paid. Fees are assessed to your account every few months. FEES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR CURRENT RATES OR FURTHER QUESTIONS.
2.5 Emergent Preschool -- 2 spots available

3 yr Preschool -- FULL -- have added 5 new spots for the 24-25 school year!

4/5 PreK -- FULL -- May be adding 1 full-day spot for the 24-25 school year - message for details.

School News Letter

Here you will find a downloadable copy of our PHL Post newsletter. ENJOY!

PHL 2023-24 Parent Handbook

This is the schools parent handbook, containing important information for clients about the school, what is required of them, and information about classrooms and what we offer here at PHLP. Please be sure to read through this before registration each year.

PHL 2021-2022 Covid Plan

*This plan is updated and adjusted as needed to remain current and up-to-date with the times and all regulations set for the by the state of PA.

Updated safe snack list 2023-24

Here is the current approved snack list for the current school year. **PHLP is an allergy safe school and works closely with parents to keep all snacks safe for your children who may have severe allergies. DUE to Covid, this year's snacks must also be prepackaged (personal sized for students).

2023-2024 School Calendar

***This calendar is subject to change and only an outlook for the 2023-24 school year

3 Year Preschool yearly curriculum plan

Located here is the yearly 3 year Preschool Curriculum plan ( Curriculum FAQ sheet for all PHLP 3 year families also located in this section for your viewing). This is not a detailed weekly lesson plan layout, but is a yearly plan so that you may follow along with your child's learning, and have an idea of what they will be covering and what is expected of them here at PHLP.

3 Year Preschool Curriculum Plan FAQ for 3 yr. preschool parents

Here you will find the FAQ sheet for the guided yearly curriculum plan for Preschool parents... please see the curriculum outline above

4/5 yearly curriculum outline (with attached PA state standards)

curriculum outline for the years themes and layout of learning and subject areas, including coordinating state standards for Pre-K.

PHLP Ambassadors

Check out our latest video chat from a few Ambassadors here at PHL Pre-K!

Here you will find various videos or live chats available from several different Ambassadors of the school through out the school year. These chats will provide you with a deeper look into our programs, and answer a few questions you may have by individuals who have had children go through the program or have had direct workings within our program throughout the years.


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  • 11403 Perry Highway, Wexford, Pennsylvania, United States

Contact our PreK Director Today through email for more info or to set up a tour

Permanent Substitutes, assistants, and possible half day afternoon positions for the 2024-25 school year

Wexford, PA, USA
PHLP Is currently looking to hire the following position(s):


Substitute/part time teachers .... Pays starts $15 an hour

Position requires flexibility and availability M-TH 9-3 and Fri 9-12 (Can give specific dates not available though). Includes paid school required functions, paid holidays, paid personal days, and paid mandatory meetings, plus adds you to the short list should a lead- or full-time permanent position become available. Family atmosphere, and possible year-end bonuses are a plus. Come join an amazing team!

Flexibility, and true love of education and working with children a must.

Summers off, two Camp weeks in Summer available to work (summer camp pay is $17 an hour).

Contact us via our contact form (found below) with interests and resumes. EOE

Young Child experience strongly preferred, no further education requirements.
Must pass all state and federal background clearances, as well as obtain proper certificates such as child first aid and CPR.  
possible year end bonuses 
see above
All areas of assisting within the classroom as instructed by the Lead teacher.
Apply Now