Registration and Enrollment

Provided here is the link to enroll your child through our Jackrabbit system. Follow the link to create your personal parent portal and enroll your child today!
*CALL FOR PRICING or further info!!


**Please follow the links (a video is provided if you need further assistance), and be sure to register for the correct session/school year. Your school contract will be signed online after you have read through and approved all prompts. You must approve all prompts and sign the contract before being able to register. READ THROUGH CAREFULLY. The only paper you will need to provide for us before the school year will be an updated physical and shot record from your physician, or you can have it emailed to us as well. Once registered at PHLP you will be directed to a parent portal. This portal, which you will set up with your own username and password, will be for your eyes only. Be sure to always update any personal information that may change throughout the year, this is vital for our records. Please also save your link to the parent portal in your favorites, as it is specific to our school and not available through a search online.

****PHLP has the ability to choose online payment through credit card or directly through your bank. There is a small convenience fee along with this, which equals $0.35 per transaction and a small % of your total being paid . Fees are assessed at the end of each semester. FEES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR CURRENT RATES OR FURTHER QUESTIONS.