School News Letter

Here you will find a downloadable copy of our PHL Post newsletter. ENJOY!

PHL 2023-24 Parent Handbook

This is the schools parent handbook, containing important information for clients about the school, what is required of them, and information about classrooms and what we offer here at PHLP. Please be sure to read through this before registration each year.

PHL 2021-2022 Covid Plan

*This plan is updated and adjusted as needed to remain current and up-to-date with the times and all regulations set for the by the state of PA.

Updated safe snack list 2023-24

Here is the current approved snack list for the current school year. **PHLP is an allergy safe school and works closely with parents to keep all snacks safe for your children who may have severe allergies. DUE to Covid, this year's snacks must also be prepackaged (personal sized for students).

2023-2024 School Calendar

***This calendar is subject to change and only an outlook for the 2023-24 school year

3 Year Preschool yearly curriculum plan

Located here is the yearly 3 year Preschool Curriculum plan ( Curriculum FAQ sheet for all PHLP 3 year families also located in this section for your viewing). This is not a detailed weekly lesson plan layout, but is a yearly plan so that you may follow along with your child's learning, and have an idea of what they will be covering and what is expected of them here at PHLP.

3 Year Preschool Curriculum Plan FAQ for 3 yr. preschool parents

Here you will find the FAQ sheet for the guided yearly curriculum plan for Preschool parents... please see the curriculum outline above

4/5 yearly curriculum outline (with attached PA state standards)

curriculum outline for the years themes and layout of learning and subject areas, including coordinating state standards for Pre-K.