Melissa Williams
Assistant 2.5 teacher / Head Substitute / 3's Enrichment Teacher

Melissa Williams began her role with us new for the 2020-21 second semester. She is excited to work at PHLP, and looks forward to continuing to increase her roles here at PHLP. She began first as a substitute and 3 yr class aide, and has increased her roles here at PHLP for the 21-22 school year.

Miss Melissa comes to PHLP with over a decade of experience in assistant teaching in the early Childhood field. She is excited to be part of our PHLP family, and counts it as a life long dream to work at our school. This year Ms. Melissa has stepped into several roles, including Administrative Assistant on Fridays, First Substitute, 3 year Enrichment extension teacher, and the 2.5 year preschool program assistant teacher. She is also currently in school in the evenings for nursing. We love our Ms. Melissa!