PHLP - wexford


PHLP Is not actively hiring at the moment, but we do accept applications on file should a position become available. If you would like to be considered first for a Lead teaching or Assistant teaching position, please send us a note along with your resume and references, and any clearances you may already have, so that we can put them on file. If you would like to be considered for a substitute position, please make a note in your application.

If you have a preference in age/program please also be sure to add that to your well as if you have no preference.

All candidates on file will have first interviews when a position becomes available. New positions are possible each new school year. EOE


Requirements are position based... check back often for new listings.

Some positions require education, while all require experience in a school setting.


Bonuses may include:

  • Paid holidays

  • Paid Personal Days

  • Paid weekly Prep time

  • Paid Meetings/Trainings/Functions

  • Yearly bonuses possible


A family-oriented and teacher friendly environment with a lot of flexibility in your teaching style. Small Private school with big aspirations and expectations. School year 9-month schedule, with Summer Camp teaching opportunities. Have all major holidays off and paid!


We expect our teachers to be loving, caring, and very responsive to families, while at the same time providing multiple learning opportunities for the various styles of learning you may have from year to year. Teachers are given paid weekly prep time, set hours of pay each week, and classroom funds each year. We take care of our teachers, and give them plenty of flexibility in their classrooms... All while incorporating State Standards into our lessons and curriculum planning, and holding steady to a firm foundation in interactive and explorative learning mixed with times of structure. Feel free to explore our website further, and contact us today for more information! Join our PHLP family today!